Battery Absolute State of Charge


Mission Planner is reporting that my battery pack is at a 100% state of charge when I first plug it in. This is a fine assumption, except that at times I need to unplug my battery and replug it. This results in Mission Planner returning to a 100% charge every time I plug in.

I know I can mess with this in the initial setup, but It’s really a pain in the ass to change every single time I plug in a battery.

Is there any way to modify this so MP shows the absolute state of charge, no matter what the actual charge is on the battery? So, if I have two batteries, one at 70% and one at 30%, is there a way to make MP distinguish between these two and report their actual (or close to actual) state of charge instead of just saying they’re at 100%?


Out of curiosity, the 100% reading you’re seeing, is it in the top right corner with a small bar graphic to the left of it?

Only asking as I don’t recall seeing a battery reading on mission planner.

No, I am referring to the % display on the flight data screen HUD

One would think if you can enter in your Failsafe battery voltage that you could also enter in your starting voltage too. Sadly this is not the case.