Battery 1 unhealthy prearm error? (Pixhawk 6C)

Running Mission Planner and my Pixhawk does not want to arm. Gives me Battery 1 unhealthy error. I have an identical quadcopter with a PX4 with no issues, and the parameters between the two are the same.

Values in the battery monitor 1 window look as expected.

Please provide more information

Hello. My pixhawk 6c says" prearm battery1 unnhealthy". The battery Is fully charged and the voltage Is correctly displayed on the hud. I “fixed” this by unchecking the battery level checkbox in prearms bitmap arming checks. So i can arm but the annoying message “bad battery” now pops out.
I Remember i plug the power cable on power2 plug of the FC instead of power1 and i had troubles with the battery monitor…dont know of this Is rilevant…
Anyone knows the origine of this bug?
Many thanks

We really need a .bin log
Set LOG_DISARMED,1 and try to arm, then set LOG_DISARMED,0

Did you use the MissionPlanner Initial Parameters screen to set the battery correct voltage levels?

Yes, that is very relevant. You need to use the correct plug in order to get current and voltage monitoring

The LOG_DISARMED, 1 and than, 0 had no effect.
Yes i used MP initial parameters screen where i give cells number their max and min voltage, and the battery capacity (6 cells 7000 mah).
In this link you should find the .bin file (hopefully…)

The link has an access requirement - you need to make it open to anyone

LOG_DISARMED was not to fix the issue, but to allow creation of a .bin log without arming and flying.

Figured it out, the Pixhawk 6C needs the battery and current pin manually changed to 8 and 4 respectively.

That’s right!!
Changing the pins value as you write all Is fixed.
Grateful for your support

Please do a PR to fix the hwdef file