Basic tuning

Hi, i was wondering if somebody could explain which are the units of “turn speed” parameter in basic tunning.
I mean (degrees/s , rad/s or m/s).

Does it affect the STEER2SRV_TCONST parameter ?

there exist a manual where I can find the meaning of the “Turn speed” parameter?.
thanks for your support

When in doubt, RTM
There is no “turn speed” parameter in the ArduRover parameter list.
Are you referring to the SPEED_TURN_GAIN parameter?
If so, it is a percentage of the CRUISE_SPEED.

Your single biggest issue is getting rid of a wiggly path - it wastes both time and speed.

I have been able to fix it briefly once, and could never get it back again after a firmware update as I never saved those settings.

If you have connected to your boat via the MP GCS your old parameter files will automatically be saved.
As I said in my other post try increasing your NAVL1_PERIOD and see how you go. Otherwise post a dataflash (.bin) log file with logging enabled and we can have a look.

Thanks, Grant.

Yeah, I have found that the NAVL1_PERIOD is very important to boats in the fluid environment that they operate in.

David R. Boulanger

Hi Grant,
I unfortunately had a ‘fly-away’ and it ran aground and seized the outboard motor before I could get to it, but I am back on track with a new motor.
I need to understand this NAVL1_PERIOD a bit better.

You may want to just have 1 waypoint to go to and observe the behavior of the track of the boat as you change various parameters.

David R. Boulanger