Baseline information concerning release v2.42

This release contains numerous small improvements that have accumulated over the last couple of months. Many of the improvements came out of the period of intensive development and testing that Tom and I put into the code before the ACV2013 competition (which we were delighted to win!)

The main improvements were:

Fixed voltage calculation for RSSI receiver signal logging
Use projected GPS position for waypoint calculations. This helps a lot for tight missions, such as around the barrels at AVC
Disable cross-tracking over last 3 meters of each mission leg, to prevent fishtailing as a waypoint is approached
Fixed change of speed command in missions (it was off by a factor of 100x, leading to some crazy speeds!)
Fixed MAVLink logging of sonar distances
Made it possible to change AHRS_ORIENTATION at runtime without a reboot
Added new RCMAP_* parameters to allow for having RC input channels in any order
Added new internal task scheduler for more accurate timing
Fixed HIL simulation code
Fixed handling of PX4 servo arming
Changed the AUTO_TRIGGER_PIN to be push-on/push-off

Meanwhile Tom and I are working towards adding the L1 navigation controller for the next release. We didn’t put that in this release as we aren’t yet happy enough with the performance. We hope to get that fixed soon!

The other thing that has changed since the last release is that we have switched to the new documentation site. The docs have improved a lot, although there is still more to do!

Happy rovering!