Base Station GNSS Data Correction


I am looking at applications in small areas. In order to improve the navigation of these I am investigating both vision systems and gps data correction.

I fear I may have jumped the gun a little on the gps data correction. I didn’t want to be reliant on the online rtk data streams so looked at setting up a base station reciever. I ordered a m8n (NEO-M8N Development Board GPS Module Satellite Positioning Microcontroller | eBay) with usb out to go direct to my Raspberry Pi, or laptop. I now see that some say these can’t be used as a base station?

So, what should I be using without breaking the bank?

The objective is to be able to precisely (+/- 0.3m would be useable, less than 0.1m would be great) repeat a path, rather than accurately follow a path defined on a map.

Having looked in more detail at the gps receivers I can see that they have come on significantly and something like the M10* would work much better than the M8N on the rover, but just looking at the base station at the moment and making my own RTK data to stream to the rover.

You need something based on a ublox F9P chipset.

For the base station?

For both basestation and vehicle. Also, 2 x F9P sometthing like the Holybro F9P or the CUAV F9P or the drotek F9P. There are plenty to choose from.

Thanks. Think I may be playing with the visuals first! I’ll have a look at those devices though.