Barometer (press_abs) info ERROR

Dear all
My pixhawk 2.4.8 show a value of press_abs=460.50, but the correct information at my city is near 1010.00.
It is a big difference, and to me it is very importante to know the correct altitude.
Please, how can I correct this error?
Is it possible to calibrate the barometer?
tks all

It your pixhawk is a white box 2.4.8 then it is very likely has a dud barometer.

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Yes, mine is the white one.
It is This white Pixhawk too bad? Is there a good cost-benefit option?

White ones are the cheapest and crappiest ones.
If you cannot afford a Cube, try mRO

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thank you !
Is there any good external barometer to solve my problem?

In theory anything else than an MS5611 will do. If AC has driver for it.