Barometer difference

What could cause the barometer to be -20m difference from lidar when on the ground?
After couple of minutes flying and coming to land the barometer difference can be more than 20m on the ground. Cold start would show a reasonable value, but after a time of about 3-4 minutes, the value jumps to -20m. What should one look for in the logs. I tried to do temp calibration also, but it did not seem to make a difference.

Atmospheric pressure depends on the weather and on the amount of air the copter isplaces while flying. Are you sure your prop wash is not hitting the baro?

yes. It happens even before taking off. I will provide a log later, but todays flight started off with everything ok, and after couple of minutes i landed and did a soft reboot just to see if i can get a barometer difference and after the reboot it showed -26m. i am pretty sure prop wash is not hitting the barometer.

Issue was the update home location value in qgroundcontrol application settings