Barometer calibration, failing or not?

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I performed a Barometer Calibration from within QGC. From the picture below it’s not clear whether the calibration failed or not. I looked at the data after a few flights and the barometer seems to be working properly. Am I missing something perhaps?

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The message “calibration complete” usually does not denominate a failure.
What gave you the impression that it had failed?

Thank you Janno. My confusion came from the yellow window (above the white one). It shows up after performing the barometer calibration. The white one, if I remember correctly, comes up if I press on the Status/“Megaphone” messages option.


damn, I missed that.
Does that come up everytime you try to calibrate the baro?

Hi Janno,

No problem! Yes it does. I will dig deeper in the logs and documentation and share if I find anything useful.



Since you are using Copter you shouldn’t have to do baro calibration at all. It should be done automatically after every boot of your FC.

I didn’t bring that up earlier as I wasn’t sure if you use Copter, Plane or something else and I only know how Copter handles it.

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I wasn’t aware of this at all, so thank you again for this information!


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