Baro show pressure in twice smaller! PixHawk

Hi, friends!
I have PixHawk 2.4.8 box, Arduplane 4.2.3, Mission Planner 1.3.77
Also I unstalled external baro BM280 on I2C interface. So, You may see following picture - internal PixHawk baro show pressure in twice smaller, then externel. It works and measure ok, but indicatios - exactly two times less. How do You think, is it problem in sensor, or in driver? And next question - is it possible to turn off internal baro?

Thank You!!


What, no one has any ideas? I installed another PixHawk, and the same result. So, the problem is not in the hardware, but in the program. Who wrote the driver for the pressure sensor so that it shows the pressure half as much? With two pressure sensors, the Kalman filter goes crazy!