Baro and lidar are making strange ekf altitude

The barometer always shows a larger value.
Lidar appears to be correct.
As a result, ALT of CTUN is an abnormal value and the aircraft flies away or clash.

Can I calibrate baro?
Or, can I use only lidar for EK3?

Hello @hi6otb

Maybe I am not the best person to help you, but most probably your barometer is suffering effects of prop wash on it.

No, they come pre-calibrated in most FCs.

From what I now, this is only recommended for indoor flights.

Posting your logs and giving more details/pictures of your aircraft may help.

I use only indoor and fast surface.
So, I want to use ONLY LiDAR for Althold mode.

Update to ArduCopter 4.3.0 then. It has improved rangefinder height.

@amilcarlucas it has improvements on using rangefinder as primary source of height in the EKF or for using it for surface tracking?

primary source of height in the EKF

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Can I avoid using a barometer?
Maybe a barometer is used in the secondary.

Greenhouses with fluctuating atmospheric pressure and temperature have a negative impact on EKF.

Can you upgrade to 4.3.1-rc1 ?

Nice, thanks a lot @amilcarlucas for the information!