Baro Altitude In Ardupilot

I am not receiving the ALTITUDE message (#141 on Mavlink) on Ardupilot flashed Pixracer R14 hardware on QGroundControl. When I flash to PX4, I am able to stream the message. Specifically I am looking for baro altitude in this message.

Is there a way to recieve barometric Altitude on Ardupilot? I am only receiving GPS altitude messages (e.g. GLOBAL_POSITION_INT, GPS_RAW_INT, VFR_HUD). Thanks.

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Did you send a SET_MESSAGE_INTERVAL with #141 ?

I appreciate the help. I wasn’t able to get it to work unfortunately.

In the MAVLINK shell I have tried SET_MESSAGE_INTERVAL. I have also tried SET_MESSAGE_INTERVAL within a COMMAND_LONG command.

I was able to get gps altitude fusion to bias towards baro by setting EK2_ALT_M_MSE in the parameters setting. I would need a raw baro altitude message to stream however.

Just to ensure I’m not making a mistake with formatting, how do you format a SET_MESSAGE_INTERVAL command?