Baro_Alt_Offset Quick Adjustment

Hi Michael, Posting this on the forum per our conversation at xponential. To recap, it would be great to have a MP feature where the Baro_Alt_Offset could be quickly adjusted from the flight screen (Either with a keyboard shortcut or from the UI, or both). For long duration survey missions where terrain compliance is critical I often adjust this parameter 20+ times during a flight. Not having to cycle to the full PARAM list and entering a new value each time would be beneficial. A simple + or - in 1 meter increments would be great. Any ideas on the best way to achieve this?

I made a plug-in with hardware that measures ground pressure and updates the autopilot constantly. We used it with planes and tethered copters.

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Thanks but I am looking for manual update capabilities. Its not only about correcting for baro changes but also adjusting desired altitude based on tree and obstacle heights within the survey area.

Do you consider that when updating baro_alt_offset, the AP only applies it slowly since significant sudden changes are upsetting the EKF?

By the way, You can double-click on the Parameter tree line on the config screen to drop it out to a separate window, so you can keep it open and simply alt-tab to it; no need to reload the tree view control.

Yes, I have been doing it this way for years. Even with making the parameter list a separate window I still have to consider which way I want to go (climb vs. descend) then apply a new number in the opposite direction (lower number to climb and higher number to descend) and then use the a touchpad or mouse to hit “write”. It would be much easier to simply to tap the keyboard arrow key up or down to add or subtract a meter each tap. I understand this is an advanced feature that most users will not need. Perhaps a button to “unlock” this feature would be prudent to prevent inadvertent use.

Does The Height of the drone change when we adjust the Baro_Alt_Offset parameter During Flying .

If yes iam on way to edit this parameter with a LUA Script Running at the background, using some buttons or controls on transmitter to increase or decrease this Offset Value.