Banked Turn Manuever?

Is it possible to command a banked turn in Copter in modes other than Drift?

You can do it yourself with the “sticks” or in a mission Spline waypoints will give that behaviour.

actually shouldn’t you get a banked turn by simply maintaining a roll while in flying forward in althold? or does the heading preservation prevent this?

edit: nvm, that was a lapse in intuition. i get it now, there will be no banking with simple roll.

You need to coordinate roll and yaw inputs to get a banked turn. If you only input “roll” the quad will go in that direction, but not actually turn to face the direction.

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This is how I do it.

Setup a “cruise” switch on your radio. It can be any of the flight modes you normally use. Then mix in some AIL into the RUD, activated by that switch. I use about 30% weight, but you can play around with it, depending on how hard you fly. Say, if you input 50% right AIL and the nose points outside the turn as it goes around, then add in a little more AIL to the RUD to get the nose to track the turn better.

When you switch up “cruise” now when you want to turn, the frame leans into the turn AND the nose comes a round with the AIL into the RUD.

When coming in to land, switch out and all your control inputs are now pure again, in the sense that AIL moves you directly left/right and ELE moves you fore/aft without the nose turning.

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edit: nvm, that was a brain fart

great idea, thanks. i am going to try that out.

Fair question if you’re coming from a fixed-wing RC background.

@glacier051 If you’re using EdgeTX I just saw this video and it could be useful for playing with the weight.