Banggood Radiotelemetry

I have two SiK radios bought from BG, but it is 915mhz and not legal in Norway. There is a list thats ticked on 915mhz while the 433mhz and 868mhz are not ticked on the device main board. Does anyone know if it is possible to flash this radios with 433/868mhz firmware, and where to find this firmware?


You can flash it but they won’t work because the filters on the analog part, they are designed for the exact frequency.
You can try 868mhz it is close to 900 and perhaps you can get some output, but it will be less than a 868mhz version.
Look for flashing boot loader to sik radios, the frequency is indicated there. You will need a ST programmer or an arduino with a ST programmer firmware.

I thought maybe it was like witht he FrSky R9M which can be flashed with both 900 and 868 mhz FW. Since it was listed on the printed card I aslo assumed it was possible, but I´ll try 868mhz as on 915mhz it´s useless in Norway.