Bang into things

Been kicking around the idea of building a rover. Built a few in the past many moons ago. But nothing as sophisticated as an ardurover.
But I had a question or two.
Is there a way to tell the Ardurover that it has bumped into something. Many home vacumms for instance have simple switchs and bumpers along the front to let the machine know it hit something. IF this is possible does the machine then have the ability to take a corrective action. For instance it hits something on the front right and so it turns left.

Also curious if there are other sensor or switch type inputs that can be used with rover.

Like I said just thinking about it. I generally build and fly copters but the laws are making it tougher…so pondering it.

There is a crash check in Rover and it works OK. Although in a few cases (I have hit a lot of stuff) my Spur gear has stripped before the FS action has stopped the motors. But it’s the week link in the drive train (a fuse :grinning:) so it’s no big deal. The Wiki explains what actions trigger it. Other than that obstacle avoidance but I have not tried a sensor on the Rovers I have built.

ya crash check I get but I am not curious about a crash check. More of a, hey I bumped into something lets change direction like a robot vacuum does. It may not have that option and I just need to consider lidar and obstacle avoidance.
But thought I would ask.

Thanks Dave.

Bendy Ruler avoidance is supposed to do that but a 360 sensor may be required for it work well.

interesting thanks Dave.
Interesting video and config settings.

I saw a Randy video I hope that a rover uses a lidar in front and when detect an obstacle or stop or go for a side, im going to try to find to see if what you need, Im trying to start with a rover too, looks funny and the best choice for a windy days :hugs: