Balancing Robot i have a trouble

My first post , hallo to everybody , sorri for my gogleTraslator-Art english .
So i try to descibe my issue , i use mission planner 1.3.75 and rover firmware 4.0.
I ave mount all and load the suggest param in the Ardupilot site .
So i swtcht on the robot and magically it work at frist time , pixhawk mouted verticalli and ahrs orientation parameter 26 .
Balancing work wery well because i use planetary gheared motor without backlash , i know this issue because is not my first balancing projet .
The issue go out when i try to do a command whith the radio if aileron respose very well , but trottle do a rotation in opposite sense of the aileron command.
All mantain balancing .
I think aileron command add and subtract a pwm to the sx motor and to rx motor and trottle must or add at every motor or subtract pwm at every motor .
Exist a mixer table ? where i can do a mistache ( balancing work very well with no radio or whit stick in centre position )
How i can find a solution ?
Thanks , Nicola

i’d like to specify in other manner : imu work well balancing work , steering command work well . i need to invert the trottle commaand only for one motor . But only te command about one motor and only input command in a mix table .

i make a mistake
Sorry ahrs orientation parameter

SOLVED Hacking PILOT_STEER_TYPE parameter :+1: :+1: :+1: