BalanceBot Steering Out of Control

My BalanceBot had been working fairly well until today. In manual mode it seems ok, but when it’s switched to the Acro mode, it goes berserk and accelerates to max speed spinning like a top. Can someone look at the log and see if they can identify the problem?
Mission Planner 1.3.68
ArduRover V3.5.1


Forgot to attach the parameter file. This morning I switched from the Acro mode to Manual and the problem goes away. I’m going look deeper into the Acro settings.
8-25-19 Parameters.param (13.7 KB)

I see the ARMING_CHECK = 0. This is generally a bad idea because it removes checks that keep the vehicle safe. It’s much better to leave this as “1” and then investigate the issues when arming checks fail.

Have the motor outputs been tested using MP’s motor test page? It’s very possible to have the vehicle work in manual but not in semi-autonomous or autonomous modes because both inputs and outputs have been reversed. MP’s motor test page can be used to determine if the outputs are setup correctly.

I had tested the motor direction in the MP motor test page and they where both rotating in the same correct direction. Now I have a bigger problem, as soon as the battery is plugged in, one motor takes off full speed, even before the arming switch is pushed. I’ve had all sorts of weird things happening so I’m going to reinstall Ardurover, maybe it got corrupted.


With the Pixhawk disconnected from the RoboClaw, one motor immediately still goes to full speed when the battery is connected. I guess I know what my problem is…the RoboClaw is shot.


Brushed motor ESC’s for cars/trucks work fine for me on Rovers and they can be inexpensive.