BalanceBot Power

I’ve put together a BalanceBot using planetary gear motors with lots of torque - 416oz-in. I wanted the larger motor for the power to go up inclines in our landscaping that is cover with small landscaping stones. However, the Bot, when on the incline, falls over as more pitch/throttle is added in Acro mode. What settings should I be adjusting to get more power to the wheels without is falling over prematurely? It goes across level ground covered with the landscaping stones with ease.


I don’t have any experience with Balance Bots but I would think that the torque available to propel the vehicle up a hill is directly related to the reaction mass it can counter. What happens if you add weight to the top where the battery is? Alternatively, space the battery up higher on the frame. Either one will increase the polar moment of inertia.

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As a side note I think we should be able to add a safety feature that stops the vehicle from falling over (most of the time). I’ve created an issue here to capture the enhancement request and to record my thoughts on what the solution might be. I’m not quite sure what the solution is although it must involve limiting the throttle output so that we maintain some range for balancing.