Bait Boat RC Full Control

Hi all,
I am interested in carp fishing and start a new project to create a bait boat 3d printed.
The purpose of this boat to take the bait to a few GPS points choose by sonar data, store those points for feature use and RTL. When the boat arrives at some point it should be open bait container and after that continue to the next GPS point to release another container or return home. All navigation should be made from RC and not from Mission Planner or another application. Because I just have two different devices(Remote controller and sonar) that I need to hold in the hands for navigation and I don’t want to add the third device like a tablet or something else to make autopilot possible.
I want to be able to save GPS points though RC and choose the desired GPS point from the RC menu to navigate autopilot to this point. I read the guide and this forum and understand what to make manual navigation it is not a problem for the skid-steering boat but I have an open question about saving waypoints (GPS points) by RC and activate autopilot from RC too. All autopilot examples use an application like Mission Planner, etc. which is redundant in my case. Maybe ardupilot not suitable for my purposes? Any ideas about how to implement it?

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Have not used rover recently but this may help you.

Thanks. @quadpack35. This way can help to record a waypoint from RC. And what about start missions from RC? Perhaps the right way to do that, analyzes the code that responds to receive commands from GCS (as Mission Planner) and try to bind the same command on some channel?

The mission will start when you switch to auto mode.

That would be correct.

Auto mode means it will pass all missions or I can choose a specific mission?

You can only have one mission in the F.C. at a time

You will need to save multiple pre-configured mission files somewhere and upload the one you want to run to the flight controller from a GCS. This can’t be done via the RC radio.

Hi @slavvlad Did you managed to do it?
I am also planning to do the exact thing as you but I am a bit stuck on how to do this the easy way and without mission planner.
Any advice?