Bait Boat gps system

Hello everyone. I’m starting a project with baitboat. I have looking for gps for my boat but original gps system for baitboat costs over 500€.
I’m guessing if I use ardupilot 2.6 but without connected outputs for servos will that be working?
I must drive boat by myself only thing what I need is that boat is shown by my smartphone that can I drive more times to same location.
Any suggestions?
Help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi, yes that should work. Wou will need: apm,gps,telemetry.
For the telemetry you can use wifi/bluetooth/3dr radios (with usb otg) + an Android device.
I would suggest against apm though, go for a pixracer or pixhawk, because apm is no longer supported by the new firmware versions.

Thank’s for the help. What is the best gps for the pixhawk that can I use?
I’m guessing can I connect servos and all necessary but still driving in manual mode? Will be able to see exactly where boat is driving on screen even system is in manual mode?

Yes you can simply keep the boat in MANUAL mode all the time but it will still send all the telemetry to your ground station on your smartphone.
Regarding GPSs the M8N’s are all the rage these days.
Depending on how far out your baitboat goes you will need a good telemetry radio system - wifi from you phone just won’t go far enough. A 1W RFD900p on your baitboat and a standard 100mW telem radio connected to your smartphone would be a good start.

Thanks, Grant.

Bonjour ce sujet m’intéresse fortement car j’ai le même projet … Est-ce que cela fonctionne correctement et ou trouver le ardupilot 2.6 ?