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Bait boat 2 servo command in one WP

(Pantea róbert) #1

Hi all

I have a problem with servo working on my bait boat. In the bait boat i are px4 and ardurover 3.5.1.
The ship are two tanks. I send the bait boat in only one point int o one mission. I want to work two servos there, right at the target. I’m asking for help, idea.
What now. I make the mission to the Tower, arrives bait boat in wp, one servo is working 90 degrees and the other servo not. The servo that works - 90 degrees, should go back to normal but won’t go.
I read in the rover documentation that only one DO SET SERVO command can be used per mission. I’m sad.
I already thought about Arduino. That would also need help. I’m a simple driver, but I like challenges.

(rmackay9) #2

Yes, you should be able to use the do-set-servo command. The first field should be the pwm output port that the servo is connected to.

There is also some setup information here.

It might be best to include a dataflash log of the time it didn’t work properly.

(Pantea róbert) #3

Thanks for the quick response. I went out to port to test just had a little adventure. A storm came, winds of 150 km / h and overturned the boat.
The boat had to be disassembled, everything got wet.
Will be back. Thanks.

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(Pantea róbert) #4

Hello all
the baitboat is fine, not damaged, real survivor.
I read this post in forum.

That’s what I want. Work 2 SERVO in MANUAL and AUTO MODE.
In MANUAL MODE rc function 55 and 56 (5 and 6 servo)
AUTO MODE Arduino Uno control 2 servo.
Only I have Pixhawk px4, not APM.
I would like to make a 2 servo exactly in wp.

I’m think to know what I want.
I only wield 1 wp. I’ll do the mission. Wp.txt contains the GPS coordinate. Pixhawk send this coordinate to Arduino Uno, or Arduino Uno to request coordinate from Pixhawk. When the bait boat arrived the wp, Arduino Uno send command - controlle 2 servo.
If there is another command to send to Pixhawk, RTL.
This is what I would like to achieve.
I can’t program, but I’m very persistent.
Thank you for your patience

(Dave) #5

What do you need the Arduino Uno for? This is basic functionality for ArduRover.

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(Olav Aamaas) #6

Is the ability to control servos limited by the flight mode? If so, is this documented somewhere? I was hoping to control the servos in particular in the following modes: guided, hold, loiter and manual. Manual is low priority since I use the transmitter anyway. Auto I find is better used for mapping missions only (I also use ardurover in a bait boat)

(Pantea róbert) #7


I didn’t have time to get a boat on the water. So there is no log file yet.
I read the servo commands, but when anglers I can’t carry a laptop so I can’t use the MP.
I’m using the Tower. I didn’t see the REPEAT SERVO command in the Tower.
Tower cannot be a wp 2 servo command. This is the problem.
When i go to water i make a mission in the tower and put here and the log file.
Thank you for your patience.

(Andrei) #8

Hello Robert . I guess you need to add waypoints betwen do set servo commands.
Something like this