BAD LOGGING problem (copter 3.5.5) that never I had before (last 4 years with the unchanged setup) and I can’t download logs this is the message:
Getting list of log files…
Error:System.TimeoutException: Timeout on read - GetLogEntry
at MissionPlanner.MAVLinkInterface.GetLogEntry(UInt16 startno, UInt16 endno) in C:\MP\ExtLibs\ArduPilot\Mavlink\MAVLinkInterface.cs:line 4500
at MissionPlanner.MAVLinkInterface.GetLogList() in C:\MP\ExtLibs\ArduPilot\Mavlink\MAVLinkInterface.cs:line 4452
at MissionPlanner.Log.LogDownloadMavLink.b__12_0() in C:\MP\Log\LogDownloadMavLink.cs:line 90

Download logs using QGC or AP2 or any other decent GCS

try to format your sd card. this solved it for me

Is your vehicle armed at this point? Freshly booted?

No I have this problem during a mission, but casually

I tried QGC, I can see the logs but timeout problem during download (with usb cable and telemetry)