Bad LIDAR Health in UGV

We’re getting a constant “Bad LIDAR Health” at pre-check for our UGV using VL53L0X. Sonar otherwise seems to be calibrated and functioning as expected.

What conditions throw “Bad Lidar Health”?

I found some bug fix mentions but all closed.

Any ideas?

rngfinder3.param (12.7 KB)


It could be one of these issues:

  1. if the “Bad Lidar Health” message is only coming up for the first 30 seconds or so after startup then it could just be that the lidar is taking a bit longer than expected to initialise.
  2. some kind of wiring or configuration issue so the flight controller can’t communicate reliably with the lidar
  3. some other sort of health reporting bug

I had a quick peek at the parameters but didn’t see anything wrong. Any chance you could download and post a dataflash log (aka .bin log)?