Bad Gyro Health Cube 2.1

Just finishing a build with a Pixhawk Cube- running 3.5.7 and with the Octocopter just sitting on the bench I get a “bad gyro health” warning. This is without the motors running. I have reloaded the firmware several times, redone a compass calibration successfully with 3 compasses. I have had the Cube on a quadcopter and was so impressed with it that I wanted to update my now ancient Zero Tech controller but this error has me beat. Log file is with the props on just running on the bench.

Do accelerometer calibration, not compass, and it should be fixed.
After accelerometer calibration, reboot, then calibrate compasses.

Thought I had it - Calibrated the accelerometer , rebooted and then calibrated compasses. Got all 3 compasses each time. Sat the Octocopter on the bench. Powered up no throttle - waited till “inactivity” message on Taranis. Did that 3 times. No error messages. Tried once more to be sure and got “bad gyro health” about 5 times in two minutes. Just sitting there no throttle. Repeated the whole thing again took till the 6th time but still got “bad gyro health” message. Is it possible the “gyro” has come loose or something inside the Cube? Brought it in March.

Hello! I also receive the BAD Gyro Health error in the resting position when the quadrocopter is standing on the ground and the motors are turned off. How can I overcome this error?
Pixhawk 2.1 cube copter 3.5.5 1.3.57 mission planer

I replaced my Cube with a new one and still got the “bad Gyro Health error” so I’m guessing in my case it must be a bad solder joint somewhere. Haven’t had time to trace it down yet though. Also flying copter 1.3.57