Bad Gyro Health & Can't calibrate

Hi all, I have a Genuian 3DR Pixhawk that’s about 7 months old and I keep getting this issue with it, it randomly refused to calibrate gyros on MP or any of the software

When I click to start it either just skips steps or jumps to failed, so it may allow me to do the first two then skip a step completely then fails it will also give bad gyro health error.

No matter what I do, in a frame, out of a frame or anything it’s completely random, it’s been on the shelf for 4 months pulley it off today just bare bone FC, updated to V3.3.3 and it started, after about 40 minutes of messing it just worked and it calibrated.

This is driving me insane it been like this for months and no matter the FW or what’s connected it does it.

Here is a video demo of it from some time back but nothing has changed, on latest MP as of today and nothing changes it.

Second question that’s very basic TBH but I don’t fully understand,

what is the different between the Ardicopter FW Quad and Hexa as I can then also change the frame type in Mandatory hardware to either of these regardless of FW

Does the FW downloaded contain both quad and hex or is the selection of a different frame in Frame type not actually changing setting.

Thanks in advance.