Bad GPSPOS when before it was good

So, I followed the online vids and tutorials for setting up my tricopter. I calibrated the HKpilot 2.7 accelerometer off the tri and also the compass.

I have now mounted the electronics on the tri and couldn’t get the FC to stay armed. i thought it was the auto disarm so I went to try it again but now I am not even given the option to arm.

The preflight returns a Bad GPSPOS error. I cannot arm my copter even in stabilize mode.

What am I doing wrong? Do I need to change something other than the check mark for external compass? Is it just cause I am inside? Trouble is, I haven’t changed my test location and before it was never returning the GPSPOS error.

What is my next area to check?

I would try another calibration for both IMU and Compass. Make sure you watch the video on how to calibrate the compass. I would also make sure your GPS is connected and operating. If you still have troubles please post .bin or .log file and I might be able to see what is happening.

So, I was able to arm the tri but I am still getting a disarm shortly after the initial arm. I have raised the throttle a bit and then lowered it as I don’t have props connected.

It will sit for a short while and then disarm. Is this cause it sees that it isn’t flying?

did you performed this last step in stabilize?

anyway if you get bad gps position and you are in stabilize, i think that there is no software reason for the copter to disarm.

moreover if you stay with throttle down for few seconds the copter will disarm, this is normal.

i don’t have the time to download your logs now. sorry.

A good GPS position (hdop <= 2.0) is required if you’re trying to arm in a mode that requires the GPS (like Loiter, PosHold) or if the circular fence has been setup.