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Bad GPS SiGNAL Health

(Pablo Neme) #1

Hi, I’m setting up a pixhawk cube 2 on my skywalker x8 and I’m having a gps signal problem, I’m using firmware 3.9.5, I have everything worked but I get the message from (Bad Gps Signal Health) and I’m not sure it can be, try everything and the message keeps coming and I can not arm.
probe in running the gps of place thinking that it could be serca of the engine and that could be interfering but I removed everything that gave me the cable and that was not, probe with lead paper with a plane to the ground and not fix it, probe it outside of my home in the open and I have little reception of satellites sometimes you get to 3 to veses to 5 but never more than 5, something curious is that when you install the firware without performing any calibration had 9 and 11 satellites, but after the calibration only get 3 or 5.
if anyone can help me thanks

(Kenny Trussell) #2

Bad GPS signal health means that the autopilot is not receiving an update at least 5 times per second. The EKF must have that 5 Hz update. You can look at the GPS.Delta field in the log and see a graph of the update time.