"BAD" folder appears within log folder

There are 2 folders under the “log” folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Mission Planner\logs). The BAD folder was created on a day where I lost one of the propellers of the 3DR X8+ system I was flying.

My question is: Is the creation of the BAD folder a normal, or was it created because an error was detected (for e.g., loss of the propeller)? Another weird thing is that the actual log within the BAD folder has more data (showed 2 flights done that day; filesize = 3,208 KB)) whereas the log under the OCTOCOPTER folder only contained the pre-flight data (filesize = 921 KB).


the BAD folder is for logs that missionplanner cannot read 4 valid heartbeat packets from. normally this indicates the log is invalid.

Thanks for the response. Is it 4 “consecutive” valid heartbeats? I must admit that I’m new to Mission Planner and is still trying to understand what is going on. Is there a way to find out when, or which part of the message MP wasn’t able to read? What would be the probable causes?


4 within the default timeout period. I cant give you a specific, as depends on your machine. either way something is not normal about the logs