Bad crashes with APM Planner 2.0 on iMac with 10.9.1

This has happened a few times since I started using this a few days ago. What happens during flying is the mac just freezes and then goes to a grey screen and restarts. Sometimes I can see the usb port to connect to but sometimes I can’t. I’ve installed the FTDI 2.2.18 that comes with it even though it shouldn’t be necessary with 10.9.

Did I mess up something by installing FTDIUSBSerialDriver 2.2.18? Does 10.9.1 have a newer version?

Right now, I can’t see the usb port at all and even in Fusion I can’t see the port. I’ve unplugged it and replugged the USB to see if that would help. I’ve reinstalled the FTDI several times and restarted several times.

edit: I forgot to mention that I’m using xBee, not 3drUSB modems. iMac is latest model.

Well the FTDI just started working. I don’t know what I did other than open system profiler and look around the usb area.

Any idea why the ftdi is flakey? I never had this problem with Fusion.

Also the crashing I think is related to that because first APM reports a lost connection and then things freeze up and then it restarts itself after going to a gray screen.

Have you updated to 10.9.2 and tried?

I’m just getting started and can’t seem to get FTDI to work at all… probably not looking in the right place yet.


did you install the FTDI drivers? 10.9.2 should have a FTDI driver from Apple, but it receiving mixed reviews on if it works or not. The FDTI driver are in the .dmg that you download.