Bad compass health on my rover

Hi all

I’m having “error compass” and reading some posts I saw I have an issue in my rover.
I setup the external GPS (GERE+) pointing forward as cube unit.

But when I turn right the unit seems turning left:
And when turn left:
When the rover is centered the mz and mz2 values are not negative, one is positive and the other negative:
Any idea what I’m doing wrong?
Thank’s guys

Hi, I hate to ask the obvious, but…

  1. Did you complete a successful compass calibration?
  2. have you ensured that the compass is far enough away from motors and motor wires to avoid mag interference?

It is normal for MP to rotate the wrong direction. Scary but you don’t need to worry about that. Perhaps its a wiring issue close to the compass.

I have never seen MP rotate in the wrong direction or give me a HUD that show a vehicle on level ground, my assumption, with that type of roll.

The direction is not wrong, it is an artificial horizon. So if you roll your vehicle to the left, the ground (green) comes up on the left side and goes down on the right.

Ok I stand corrected, The HUD is just opposite of what I expected to see based on some flight simulators I have tried.

Sorry, but this does not depend on what simulation/software you use. It is a representation of what you see if you roll your head to your left or to your right shoulder, or if the vehicle you are looking out of is rolling. The view rolls, but the horizon stays level.

Perhaps it’s a little known thing but the MP includes a “Russian HUD” which may move in the way you expect. Right-mouse-button click on the HUD and I think the option will show up.

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Mr. Schürmann. I come to this site for help, information and to help anyone else I can.

Obviously you have a supreme knowledge and understanding but to Eduard and myself the hud seems to roll reverse. I just wanted him to know it was normal.

Thank you again rmacay9 for knowing and posting another solution.

Mr. Caroll, I was just trying to explain where the misinterpretation regarding the HUD movement lies and therefore trying to help you and Eduard. But be assured, it will not happen again.

It was the word “sorry” that got my reply. I did not feel as if it was well intended or informative. I apologize for my blunt response. lets move on, I love the help I get here!

I’ve seen the Russian HUD option and I thought it would be in a different language. I’ve learned something today.:face_with_monocle:

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I apologize if I did use “sorry” in the wrong place. I did not mean to be blunt.

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OK, so what is ‘Russian HUD’ or am I missing something that has been discussed here before ?

Thank you