Bad Compass Health BeagleBone Black

Hi everybody,

I’m working with a BeagleBone Black and BBBmini trying to run Rover (APMrover2-3.1.1).
Since I’ve started with the tests, I’m having problems with the compass. It always shows the message “Bad Compass Health” in Mission Planner (I’ve never lunched the software without this message) and when I test direct on ssh it is detected however there is also the same bad health message.

I’d like to know if this problem is a hardware issue or can be something related with the software?

Using the security shell I have this result

debian@beaglebone:~$ sudo /home/debian/AP_Compass_test
Compass library test
HMC5843: not a HMC device
MPU9250: Onboard IMU detected
MPU9250: External IMU not detected
AK8963: Unable to get bus semaphore
init done - 1 compasses detected
Compass #0: not healthy
Compass #0: not healthy
Compass #0: not healthy
Compass #0: not healthy

thanks Amanda


I suggest you test and calibrate the BBMINI as standalone == outside of vehicle , just to make sure that the problem is not related to the magnetometer.

If you have a stable system on the bench (no “Bad Compass Health” message), then you have the choice:
A) Reduce EMI within the vehicle / try to find a better place for the BBBMINI
B) Use an EXTERNAL Compass