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Bad channel 1 input, cancelling

Good day everyone, looking for assistance in setting up my first build. Whike using the wizard in initial setup, all works fine until I get to the compass calibration, where there is only 1 compass working, I have a pixhawk with external compass fitted. There are options for 3 compass calibration but compass 2,3 say there is error 99?
The larger problem at hand is calibrating the radio cotrol after the compass section, where there is no response at all (bars dont light up green)> receiver is FS-IA6 and controller is FLYSKY. It gives me the error message “Bad channel 1 input, cancelling”

Hi @marcomugz I am having the same exact problem. Did you ever figure it out. I have spend almost two days on this.

Have you turned on the ppm output in the transmitter…?

Yes I figured the issue out…I didn’t have a Ppm installed so got 1 and worked easily after this

Yes I have turned on PPM on the transmitter. One thing I notice is the light on FS-iA6 receiver goes from blinking red when the transmitter is not on to solid red when on. Should it be solid green if everything is working correctly? I have it connected to ch1 on transmitter and RCIN on Pixhawk.

I think fs ia6 doesn’t support ppm.
Fs ia6b does.
Correct me if I’m wrong.
Some have red led. Fast flashing - binding;
slow flashing- not connected;

OK thanks.
I am going to get FS-ia6b and try that.
Thanks for your help

I found this.​​
Thanks for your help.

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