Bad channel 1 input, canceling in Radio Calibration


I’m looking for an assistance in Mission Planner. I’m another newbie in Mission Planner connecting to Navio2+RaspberryPi 4 model. I’m getting the “Bad channel 1 input, canceling” error message while calibrating Radio Controller in mission planner. I checked the RC receiver channel1 cable to PPM encoder and PPM encoder to Navio2 Power slot. Everything looked ok. It also shows NO green bars in the Radio Endpoint Calibration. Do you have any idea what might cause this error message and invisible green bars and how to resolve these issues? Is this because of my telemetry module not working?


this means its not seeing a value within a valid range. check your rc input

waaaaiiiit a minute, you’re the guy who made mission planner. We are forever in your debt. Anyway I’m having the same problem, where do you check your rc input? I have it connected to channel 2 on my rc and PMM rc on the px4.