Bad Battery message

Hello everyone, after update from MP 1.3.70 to 1.3.72 I have permanent message on the HUD “Bad Battery”. Battery itself is fully charged and connected to POWER2 (Cube Black, AP 4.0.5). Short cable is a reason to use POWER2 instead of POWER1. BATT_MONITOR is disabled. BATT2_MONITOR=4. The same message is blinking as well when connecting via USB. Is it made intentionally or bug? Could someone suggest the way to suppress the message?

Unfortunately you cannot skip battery1 and use only battery2. The battery healthy status in the SYS_STATUS message always looks for the first battery monitor instance.
BUT, the two power inputs on the cube has nothing to do with battery instances.
So the solution is to configure BATT_VOL_PIN to 13 and BATT_CURR_PIN to 14 (power2 inputs on the cube) and disable BATT2.



Thanks for your support. The message has gone. It works perfect now!

Mine now reads 19v so below 44v it is for sure in failsafe mode