Bad autotune

hi everybody! first all my apologizes for my bad language. i’m french.

i finished a skywalker 1720 with pixhawk (arduplane v3.4.0) and i flew three times to make the differents settings.

i flew the plane in manual mode and trim the model. then i have corrected the commands to have a perfect trim with perfect servos positions. i remake rc calibration.

second flight, all is good in the air, cg is good, plane flight well and level.
third flight: i try to fly in stabilize mode and autotune. when i was in a confortable altitude, i select stabilize mode, i was thinking that all will be simple, on the ground all compensations were good and there was no invertion of the commands. in flight, in stabilize, plane was very lung, In ailerons, the plane continued to wind on its axis and ailerons did not return rather fast to the neutral. i was obliged to select manual mode because plane was rolling… several time. in autotune mode, plane was same. i read the indications in the wiki, I had no choise not to push sticks at the most but it was not enough as if i had not enought course with the servos… impossible to make autotune as it is describe in wiki…

i make this several time but no difference…

is the P gain on the roll was too insufisant? i don’t understand why i can’t do like videos on internet…

i practise rc plane like 25 years and i think i am good pilot but i was scared of these reactions…

it is said in autotune chapter that pixhawk will learn during flight and save each 10s the settings but for me i don’t have seen differences, plane is dangerous… do i need to increase P gain for roll to have more roll reaction? can i start an autotune after this increasement?

thank you for your help, best regards


Please provide tlogs and/or dataflash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.