Bad altitude perfomance in wind

2017-06-03 17-59-00.bin (2.0 MB)
hello, in calm day copter fly ok. But in wind it rises up or falls down.

here log from calm day

Barometer is not sufficiently covered?
980kv motor, 3s, 9x45prop, pixracer 3.4.6 fw.

Yes, clearly your baro isn’t very stable with the wind. Try to cover it better.

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i think there is vibration issue.
2nd accel is much noisier

I hard mounted my pixracer on a 250 and no enought space for dampening so I disable the 2nd imu and fly nice.

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thanks Cala! Try disable it. Order this dampers

may be helped.
About the parameter “INS_ACC_BODYFIX” you do not know anything?
Did not change it?

Looks nice,
I use this in bigger cuads work nice too.
If you can solve vibrations mechanically, looks better choice than try to resolve changing params

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i have this dampers :slight_smile:
The don’t fit in my copter :slight_smile:
IMG_20170219_092408 by Alexey Degterev, on Flickr

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disable second accelerometer

don’t help

still have clipping, but critical vibrations only at end of flight

compare baro with GPS data (have drotek XL M8N gps-glonass)

When the accuracy of the GPS has become good, the altitude by the barometer clearly coincides with GPS altitude
2017-06-05 18-36-01.bin (2.2 MB)
So barometer work fine and it is INS problem i think.
Of course first of all, I need to get rid of the vibration, BUT, why if vibration log with disabled second IMU is normal, copter is unstable?

Found how disable second accelerometer in EKF2… Try again

Can you share your latest log?
Are you have genuine pixracer?
I’m confused by the saw on the barometer graph.

Yes. Genuine from AUAV,
Its typical that you can fly in calm days but not in windy ones when you have vibration issues, I had that problem from many time at the beguining with my first quad, baro doesnt like vibrations, doesnt like light and no like turbulence arround.

baro covered e.t.c.
This graph is confusing me.

when i see APM 2.6 baro log here is smooth curve.
May be bad quality of electronic components (i have clone) produce this effect.
I would like to compare with the original Pixracer this graph to eliminate the problem of electronics.

As soon as I can I share my baro graph

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