Bad AHRS, pos vert&horz variance

Hi all,
i just bought a pixfalcon and entered the pixhawk world.
I am us’ng copter 3.4.5 and during configuration i faced errors related to Bad AHRS.
In MP everthing is seems allright but when i turned the motors on and start to move quadrotor first vibe turns to red and ekf turns to yellow and then ekf turns into red and I faced Bad AHRS, pos vert&horz variance errors.
I calibrate acc. and compass man times, do declination angle manually but nothing works.
here are my (4.2 MB)
What should i do to fix it?
I am looking forward to your replies.
thanks in advance…

Looking at your log, the most immediate thing to jump out is the level of vibration, which was being indicated to you by the VIBE and then EKF messages you described.

You will need to reduce the vibration considerably.