Bad accel, gyro health issue

While not shown in Mission Planner, ELRS telemetry often shows ‘BAD ACCEL/GYRO HEALTH’ during flight.

At first I thought it was an ELRS error, but the ‘BAD ACCEL/GYRO HEALTH’ was actually an issue that was occurring and was logged. It occurs on both IMU 0 and IMU 1 during flight as shown in the log below.

This is an issue with 4.4.4, but I’m writing to this board because I’ve updated the firmware to 4.5.1 and the same symptoms occur.

The FC is about a year old, but hasn’t had a lot of actual flight time, probably less than 50 flights.

Below I post the flight logs where this issue occurred.

Flight Log

I hope you can review the logs and share your thoughts.

I looks like this is a Pixhawk 6C running (as you’ve mentioned 4.4.4). I think we have lots of other users using this board and we haven’t heard of issues so I think it is most likely to be a hardware failure and it is probably best to replace the autopilot.

Not happy news of course but the errors occur on both the 1st and 2nd IMUs so just disabling one of the IMUs is not an option.

The board is a pix32v6. I’ve worked on over 20 pixhawk boards, but this is the first error I’ve seen and wanted to get some opinion on the error.

I will take your advice and replace the board as soon as possible. Thanks for your response.

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