Backtracking mode?

I have an idea for a feature for those of us who use rovers for exploration. A sort of backtracking function where either on RTL the rover can follow the path it took out in reverse, or even a manual way to record waypoints on the way out and switch to a form of auto and have the rover follow the waypoints in reverse order when coming back. Is this possible?

Hi Ray,

greast idea!
i think this came up in the past but i think it is not in Rover yet.
ArduCopter might have this feature already or was it the Solo ?
@gmorph maybe can enlighten us, i couldnt find a hint while searching the docs.


I believe Solo has it, I think it would have an even greater benefit on rover as there are typically more obstacles to have to deal with on the ground than in the air, and even with obstacle avoidance a straight line RTL is usually not going to end well if you are out any appreciable distance.

I’m not aware of Solo having it nor any other ArduPilot vehicle. Its not in the code AFAIK.

Thanks, Grant.

Oh, I thought it was a companion computer thing.

Ray I have consulted with the Solo guru’s and you are 100% correct. Solo does have a breadcrumb feature and yes its in the companion computer. Apologies for my ignorance.

So its not an “ArduPilot” feature as such as it isn’t in the ArduPilot code stack. Its a companion computer piece of software so I am guessing is propriety and I don’t think the code would be publicly available and thus implementing it we would need to do from scratch.

But we all agree it would be a good feature across vehicles.

Thanks, Grant.