Back to 3.4.6 from 3.5-rc7 - problem

Hi all
I have a problem to flash my pixhawk with 3.4.6 software. I try 3.5-rc7 but I want back to 3.4.6 - only solid yellow led light and pixhawk wont to boot. I try MP and QGC with the same result.
Any idea ?

We’ve got a few reports that some users need to hold down the safety switch to force the I/O CPU’s firmware to load (there are two CPUs in each Pixhawk, one for the main flight control, the other handles low level input-output).

If you don’t have a safety switch available I don’t immediately have an answer about what to do but I’ll get one.

We talked about this on the dev call and I suspect we will need to release a patch to AC3.4.6 (i.e. AC3.4.7) and then ask people to upgrade to that and then move to AC3.5 (if they don’t have a safety switch).

Hi rmackay9
Now it looks good. I try to downgrade pixhawk from 3.5-rc7 to 3.4.6 and It went smoothly.
It strange becouse I did not change anything…

It could just be that it was doing the I/O board firmware downgrade. That can take 30seconds - it plays a special tune on the buzzer but the LEDs don’t do anything during that period.

Anyway, good that you got it sorted.