Babyshark VTOL with 120mp (5x24mp)camera

Dear all

I am selling my Babyshark VTOL, that is almost unused. It has flown maximum of 30minutes.

Included is the following:
1x Foxtech BABY SHARK 260 VTOL Frame
4x Motor for VTOL Mode
4x ESC for VTOL Mode
1x High Efficiency Tail Motor
1x Tail ESC
1x Propeller CW for Tail Motor
1x Spare Propeller CW for Tail Motor
1x Spare Propeller for VTOL mode
4x Servo
1x Px4 Air Speedometer
1x Power Monitor Module
1x Pixhawk Orange Cube with here 2 GNSS
1x Herelink 2.4GHz Long Range HD Video Transmission System
1x 3DM V3 Oblique Camera(120MP)
1x Carrying Case
No bettery included

Reason for selling is that we initially bought it and did destroyed the ESC on the second flight, because the rear propeller vor fixed wing flying was incorrectly mounted. Yeah I know very rooky mistake :slight_smile:
I did change the ECS and it should be working now but we have not flown it after that flight. Tuning is required on it so this is for very advanced users I would say. There are three small holes on on site after attaching external antenna that we removed. Those holes can be easily fixed or just taped over.

We can sell the drone and camera separately if requested. Price suggestions are as follows:
Camera: 3500 USD + Shipping
Drone (with everything except camera): 7000 USD + Shipping

If bought together the price is 9.500 USD + Shipping

More pictures:

And some more pictures:

Just curious why are you selling it?

We didn’t have the need for it any more since the project we intended to use it for we did finish before we could repair it and don’t think we will need it in the future, big part of that because it does not have any PPK or RTK capability as it is.

This drone is still available if anyone is interested!

@Tryggvi is this still available?

Hi Alex yes still available, let me know if you are interested!