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I would like to introduce you my little project with a Axial SCX10 Jeep Rubicon. For testing I placed all components on a plate.
The plate I would choose is a Lexan 2mm.

As body I think to take a clear Lexan Body Jeep Rubicon or a Horri-Bull.
Clear because of the GPS and the Led of the Pixhawk.

First mounting is finished. Now it’s to program the Pixhawk…

Very nice. We love seeing pics of people’s rovers. Why put a body on it - that covers up all the cool looking components!!!
I would suggest trying to mount the GPS a bit further away as it has the compass in it and can be affected by EM radiation. If you can’t move it then maybe just keep an eye on how the compass is performing in different scenarios. i.e. it might be fine on the bench not moving but when you rev the motors that extra current draw could impact it.

Thanks, Grant.

I will take a clear Lexan Body so I can see the components and the Led. Further the GPS has a clear Signal.
I will take a Mast for the GPS but I don’t know where is the best Place for it- has someone a idea?

Something like that!

I like it, I too am building an Axial SCX10 based rover.

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