Avoidance zone

Hello everybody

(sorry for not posting in right section, i’ve not found Mission Planner Section)

i’am using arducopter and ardupilot mission planner with a quadcopter.
as I am a newbee, and i dont want to crash my copter into trees or houses or electric lines (i know, i must not fly near them), but in case of wind copter or Flying object could be projected to them
Thats why, I think about an upgrade to the mission planner.
here is my proposal, as in the maps screen we can describe a mission, several avoidance zones could be defined, in the mission planner, in order the ardupilot will not cross theses zones.
If it crosses it returns to in the good zone of the line and stay near or we choose in definition an action (RTL, LOITER, FOLLOW LINE etc.)

here is a screen with several avoidance zone to explain

thanks for theses great board and soft
Best regards

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