Avoidance Experiments with the POC and Benewake TFMINI

With the POC , the proximity sensor is TYPE 2 ((MAVLINK)

and I set the desired Serial port protocol type accordingly (MAVlink).

So there is nothing to do with RNGFND_?
Thanks, I will try this later on today!

Hi, i have a question - about new I2C driven TFMini Plus sensors.
Is there any way to setup multiple sensors of this type on the same I2C bus or do they all have the same address?

Thanks, it is solved by sending DISTANCE_SENSOR mavlink message. Parameters with proximity, nothing to do with the rest!

I did not had a chance to test it yet, but according to the specs, you can permanently save the I2C address on the TFMINI making it possible to use multiple devices on the same bus.

Hi @ppoirier , one TFmini Plus costs ~ 45$. Is it really worth to struggle with this kind of setup instead of buying 360 degree lidar like RPLidar A2?

Well it depends… some people -like me - are used to describe struggle as ‘‘Pure Fun’’ !! :wink:

In fact my question was serious :slight_smile: So no benefits aparat from “fun”? (like accuracy or frequeny)
BTW maybe a setup like 360 (2D) + some TFminis at an angle to catch 3D?

Reading the Blog you can see that the POC was initially designed for the VL53L0X.
Unfortunately the lack of range made the thing a little bit marginal for avoidance.
This is why I experimented with the TFMINI for the extended range up to 6 Meter.

Being a Work In Progress, it would be now the time to update the project with the VL53L1X, making it a 7 vectors Lidar Indoor Sensor with a range of 4 Meter and a price tag under 80$ … Not bad for a Solid State , lightweight sensor that is fully integrated with the existing avoidance library.

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Hey Patrick whats the VL53L1X

It is the new ‘‘upgraded’’ version of the VL53L0X

So your POC is about to get a face life. Wow.
Is it currently supported by Arducopter

Someone has already done that : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuRKrF_noZo&feature=youtu.be


Wow thats awesome. But that carrier board. Where does one get such a board. Is it someones own design of available as a purchase product.

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Ya but unless I am missing something it doesn’t say where this board is from. Like can you buy one or did they custom make it themselves

I dont know , maybe @karu2003 can answer ?

Either way thanks for showing. It’s brilliant idea and I would love to incorporate it in a new build.

Thanks @ppoirier as always your my hero

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Older versions on the TFMini Plus are not I2C capable!

Serial numbers starting with 006 seem to be affected

image cid:_Foxmail.1@cc8138b8-aece-5e9a-d046-a50b78dfcd28

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sir @ppoirier
I am working on collision avoidance system i am able to get distance and orientation from tf-mini lidar sensor, and following above i push this in vehicle.message_factory.distance_sensor_encode()

without propeller i want to test is it working correctly or not, It doesn’t seems it working correctly
i am new to this field.

i want to know what exactly “vehicle.message_factory.distance_sensor_encode” its doing with distance and orientation.

i am able to setup raspberry pi its communicating with pixhawk