Avoid Drone Jammer


I was wonder if there are any way to avoid the Drone Jammers. HL works at 2.4ghz so will be affected.

What about the Here+ GPS? can be affected?


We already had this discusion long time ago please read:

My question is? why you nedt to know that? its because you are curious?
its a problematic question as you will see…

now days a lot of people are lobing to make control over this king of comunities,
and make laws just to have economic benefits instead of benefice socyety


I need to know this becasue here in my country the criminals are buying the jammers to take down the police drones. So we are trying to avoid that without change the drones.



There isn’t a generic way to avoid jammer… It depends heavily on what is jammed. So if they want to jamme you, they will succeed.

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There’s no guaranteed way to avoid a jammer. By their nature, they can disable any device that depends on any radio frequency. Here’s a few things you can do:

  • Use a dual-band GPS, such as the F9. Many GPS jammers only jam the L1 band.
  • Use Optical Flow and fly during the day. Optiflow can work well enough at any altitude to make sure the drone doesn’t crash if GPS gets jammed. It might even be good enough for RTL failsafe to get the drone away from the jammer (I have tested this with PX4Flow at 30-50 meters altitude).
  • Use different bands for your TX and GCS telemetry, such as 2.4GHz and 915MHz. The jammer might not cover all bands. It is also possible to use RC override from a controller connected to your GCS as a backup to your TX.

Most jammers being used by bad actors are cheap homebrew devices which don’t attack all spectrum bands. Usually, it is just 2.4GHz and/or GPS L1.

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