Available: Pixhawk Lite firmware supporting audio signals

The existing Pixhawk Lite (PHL) board does not provide any standard audio signaling output or buzzer support via the regularly released ArduCopter firmware.

APM:Copter V3.3.2-rc2-lw-rc1 is a custom version of APM:Copter (based on Arducopter V3.3.2-r2) which provides support (via Pixhawk Lite pins AUX1 through AUX6) for both passive audio devices (e.g. passive piezos that can play arbitrary tones) and active audio devices (e.g. buzzers that play a fixed tone).

Full info at: lauren.vortex.com/phl-lw-info.pdf

Signaling melodies/patterns are separately optimized for passive and active audio devices, rather than duplicating Pixhawk “standard” tone sequences. The type of audio device installed is specified via a settable parameter.

Melodies (for passive piezos) and buzz sequences (for active devices, e.g. buzzers) are provided for the following events:

System initialization
Prearm fail
Prearm OK
GPS 2d lock
GPS 3d lock
GPS dgps lock
Loss of GPS lock
RC status change (transmitter on/off)
Lost flyer

The user can enable and disable the audio signaling, indicate whether they are using a passive or active audio device, select the AUX pin number to be used for the audio device, indicate whether the audio device has a “low” or “high” logic level off (silent) state, and choose a “limited audio signaling” mode with fewer audio signals if desired.

@TT300, interesting work. If you’d like us to consider adding this to the regular ardupilot firmware feel free to raise a pull request. dev.ardupilot.com/wiki/submittin … to-master/

Hi. I’ll keep that in mind, though frankly – since this was really a “brute force” bit of coding (originally intended only for my own use) that I very strongly suspect does not meet the project coding guidelines – I have quite low confidence that it would be found acceptable for the mainline firmware.

Thanks very much!