Availability of CH9/CH12_OPT in AC3.3.3

Am using AC3.3.3 on Pixhawk, Frsky X4R SBUS and Taranis.
I am trying to get more flight modes using CH9_OPT upwards, but telemetry to MP did not register the additional mode changes. The Taranis channel monitor do reflect the additional channels, and X4R SBUS should be carrying the extra channels to the Pixhawk, but I couldn’t verify this yet.

  1. I would like to check whether the CHx_OPT features are available on 3.3.3, or only on 3.4rc? If confirm available, then I would do more troubleshooting.
  2. Do I need to set other parameters besides CHx_OPT?

Thanks for any pointers, would be great to have additional control modes on my drones.