Auxiliary Programming

I need a little help in programming the AUX ports on the Pixhawk FC. I know it’s probably covered in the documentation somewhere but I can’t seem to find it. I simply need to program 2 of them for Pan and Tilt servos. Can someone tell me how this is done or at least point me in the right direction?


Controlled by what? Just pots on your transmitter?

I think you misunderstand. I need to assign a specific function to the AUX pins on the Pixhawk and can’t find this info in the documentation. All I find are suggestions like “plug it in here” ,pointing to an AUX port. What I need to know is how to assign a function to the AUX pin I plug the servo into. Or better yet, how to assign a camera function, like pan or tilt, to a specific port?

I understand. I was asking how you wanted to control the pan and tilt so I could provide an example. But anyway go to the Camera Gimbal screen of Mission Planner and assign what you want. 1st make sure the AUX ports are available for Servo’s with the BRD_PWM_COUNT. AUX ports are Servo Outputs 9-14 on the Pixhawk.

Or from the Full Parameter list assign the function with SERVOx_FUNCTION. x being the AUX output port you want to use.

Thanks Dave. I’ll try that.


Hi Dave and Thanks for the advice. However, the servo function menu does not show any of the AUX ports available. Just camera pan and tilt, which is what I need.

As for the BRD_PWM_COUNT parameter, I can’t find this anywhere in mission planner and, as yet, have no idea what this parameter is, what it does and how to set it correctly. I probably need to read more documentation if I can find the right info.

Basically I need to learn how to use the program correctly. Doesn’t sound all that difficult. shouldn’t take more than a year or two.

I didn’t say the Servo Output Menu I said the Camera Gimbal menu which is under Optional Hardware. The BRD_PWM_COUNT parameter is on the Full Parameter List. If you need 2 AUX channels make sure it’s set for at least 2. What it does is shown in the description next to the parameter.

I’ll try again with how do you want to control the Pan and Tilt. Manually with 2 channels on your Radio?

Hi Dave.

Thanks for the patience and the advice. I found the BRD setting and enabled all 6 pins but the camera page only shows channel numbers and I’ve set the 2 channels I’m using. However, no AUX choice in the drop gown menu. Right now I’m using pins 7 & 8 and all works like it should. The thing is, I have other devices that I’ll need to connect through the AUX pins and need to know how to do this. I found the landing gear instructions in the documentation and it works fine on AUX2 but there is an option for that in the menu. I’m going to need to connect the camera and main gimbal to the AUX pins just to complete this Medusa.

By the way, I’m using a FrSky x9d+ transmitter and I’ll probably be using all the pots and a few switches for this rig before I’m through. It’s an 800mm video drone with a pilot camera and a video camera below. The pilot camera is on a gimbal as well as the video camera payload. Right now I’m using the side pots to control the pitch and yaw on the pilot camera but the end product will entail a lot more control knobs. First things first though. How do I get the Pitch control on AUX1 instead of Pin 7 ?

I don’t know what you mean by “Pin 7”.Aux1 is Servo 9 output.

Hi Dave. By pin 7 i meant servo pin 7. Anyway, that problem is solved. Are you familiar with the TBS Crossfire system?