Auxiliary output gives erratic values - Tarot T-2D gimbal

Hi everybody, it is me again…

I am almost done with my 3DR Y6 it should be perfectly set up very soon!!

But I am facing a last issue.

I am trying to set up the Tarot T2D gimbal tilt control with a turning knob on my remote following this tutorial

Unfortunatelly it seems that the Pixhawk’s output gives erratic values to the gimbal because on the Tarot ZYX-BMCG software, the Titl:T value is unstable and not coherent compared to the channel 6 input and the knob position on my remote.
In mission planner the channel 6 input is perfectly stable and coherent in the remote calibration screen.

I see some other posts where people seem to have also incoherent output values on auxiliary outputs (like here viewtopic.php?f=21&t=5669 )

When I connect the Tarot tilt input to my radio receiver everything is fine so since the Tarot gimbal doesn’t need the pixhawk stabilisation this issue is not really blocking for me.

Thank you in advance for any help

Hi NEvd,

I have tested today , UNSUCESSFULLY, the CAM_TRIGG_DIST functionality, in servo mode, on Pixhawk. The supposed way it should work is to output on AUX1 (RC9) a predefined PWM value that will trigger a camera. This PWM ouput is activated after the multicopter moves x meters (parameter in full param list in mission planner : CAM_TRIGG_DIST) away from its last position.
But instead of getting such behaviour, I measured erratic PWM values on AUX1 (RC9) (also tested on AUX2/RC10 with same effect). Which makes the CAM_TRIGG_DIST simply unusable on Pixhawk.
I read your post too late, after I wrote also a similar post…You’re not alone!

Hope next firmware will correct this ASAP because I can’t work on my photgrametry missions…lost revenues.

I have the 3DR X8 RTF. Once I connected the Tarot Gimbal I was able to have it act normal with the radio controller. The knob at the top worked perfectly. Pointing straight back was level. At the 9 oclock position it was perfectly downward.

Then I started installing software on my laptop. Installed Mission Planner, ran it, went through the calibration steps. Did the North compass calibration as well.

NOW, my gimbal is eratic. Any turn of the knob makes the gimbal go crazy.

Of course now I’m thinking every servo is now completely whacked out and I’m concerned about flying.

Did you happen to do this? Getting ready to try it myself.


Did nothing.

The gimbal works perfectly if you remove the black, red, white connector. If you just leave the power connected all is well. Works like a charm. Definitely narrowed down to the flight planning software settings. Like I said, all was fine until I installed that software on my laptop. Now the gimbal is all munged up.

@Hugues The firmware is working fine.

I know you have seen this but for everybody else’s benefit: … s-for-chdk


It sounds like you have the tarot is Stick rate mode, not position mode

Please make sure you set up the Tarot gimbal with the bgsg file here … Tarot.bgsc

And also load the 3DR x8 file parameter file from Mission Planner.

If you got one of the cables with the Tarot that has 3 wires, only connect the tilt as shown in the wiki.