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Auxiliary inputs for wheel Encoders using BBBMini

I am trying to connect wheel encoders to my Rover using a BBG and a BBBMini(I know its old). The problem is that I have no idea if the BBBMini has Aux inputs and if so, if they can be used for wenc_pinx. If it doesn’t have aux inputs, can I use another input pin from the beagle? I greatly appreciate anyone who is willing to help me.

I’m afraid that I haven’t used the BBBMini so I don’t have any answers…

Beaglebone has QEP on chip, these are exposed on the BBBlue. You can test them with the robotic cape utility but these are not yet implemented on ArduPilot

Thank you both for the reply! I have another question though on the same topic. When I look at the config options on the GCS it says “50:PixhawkAux1” for example. Does anyone know what the 50 represents? Would it be reasonable to assume that it is referenced to pin 50 or perhaps GPIO 50 of the microprocessor, or is it reference to variable in Ardupilot. Could it be possible for me to set an GPIO as an input on the Beaglebone and then reference that GPIO in the GCS config?


The “50” is meant to represent an GPIO pin number but in ArduPilot’s HAL (hardware abstraction layer) the pin still needs to be defined so it isn’t always so flexible that any GPIO pin available on the hardware can be used. What’s available will just be what the HAL developer decided to make available. More definitions can be added if there are free pins that aren’t being used but it takes a bit of programming to do that.

Hi all,

I develop a driver for the QEP from BeableBone - I’m testing right now with a pocket beagle and I should send a PR on next week.
@rmackay9, could you please tell me one thing I couldn’t understand yet, what is the scale used on the MAVInspector ?
I’m getting a value of 16, but I know that I run 1,6 metters, this is the expected value ?
This is the values I’m getting now.



According to the mavlink spec the distances should be in meters.

I’m pretty sure that I found a report a few weeks ago in which the user/developer said the units were being reported incorrectly but I’m afraid I haven’t dug into it.

As a side note, I’m quite motivated to look into Rover-4.1 issues especially when raised in the new Rover-4.1 category because we have started beta testing the next release.

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